When Boy Meet Girls

My name is Sianna, and this is my story. It was summer- early July, and very warm. I was a gifted student and I didn't really go to school - my mom taught me at home. I had been friends with another homeschool family for years: There was Grace, 15, who was a socially awkward tomboy, Neil, 9, an impish comedian, Abigail, a doe-eyed six-year old, and Cedric, 14, who I had secretly loved since I was 10. I saw Cedric every day; we had swim practice every morning, and our moms were friends, so we would meet at their house to run around in the woods, walk to the park for ice cream over the week end. Cedric was gorgeous, with blond hair and blue eyes that shone. Every week we went to the beach, and I never got over how hot he looked in his light blue trunks. And then Sanna came. Sanna knew Grace, but flirted wildly with Ced. She would tell lame jokes and earn small smiles from Ced, then flip her hair and giggle. I hated her. I compared us endlessly, hoping Ced hated her too. Her hair was shoulderlength and raven black, flipping up at the end, making her round face even rounder. My hair was very long and curly, the color of hot chocolate with glistening sun highlights. Her tankini did nothing to hide her chubbiness, while my mint green bikini and board shorts showed off my stomach and legs, toned and lean from swimming. But Sanna crossed paths with us more and more. Our moms decided to take us to a Renaissance Fair, a few miles north. They arranged costumes for us and everything. We drove up, and I was in love the second I saw the colorful banners. Maybe Cedric would finally understand he belonged with me in this fairytale setting. I went into the costume shop and told them I was Sianna. They gave me a white garment bag and told me to change in the dressing room. I went in the dressing room and got dressed. When I went outside for the opening dance, I could tell Ced thought I looked hot in the flattering, corset cut apricot brocade dress. I pulled him to be my partner at first, but Sanna yanked him away as his face was inches away from mine. Blinking away tears, I ran from the square into a silent, gated orchard. The grass was green and trees smooth – I covered my face with my hands, blinking away tears. “Sianna?” “Go away, Ced. I know you like Sanna.” “I like you.” “No you don’t.” “I’ll prove it.” Before I knew it, he was in my face, kissing me, tangling my tongue with his. He groaned and pushed me against the tree, fumbling with the laces on my gown and yanking it off. I felt relieved that I was wearing my strapless bra because of the dress – It was black lace and very sexy, like my blue lacy bikini. I swiftly unbuttoned his shirt and ran my hands over his smooth, hard chest. He groaned again and thrust his bulge up on my lacy briefs as he peeled away my bra and massaged my tits. I groaned and kissed him harder, going under as he slid his hand inside my panties. Unable to stand it anymore, I unzipped his pants and grabbed his cock. He swung me around and laid me on the grass and ripping off his pants and boxers. I barely saw his hard five inches as he slid two fingers inside me. I stiffened at the pain but he kissed me so hard I forgot everything. Then, as I gushed, he placed his tip inside me and pumped gently, going deeper each time. I grabbed his butt and drove him deeper and deeper, until I felt him come, and he fell on me, both shaking with orgasm. He drew out and kissed me again. I was sore and exhilarated and I didn’t want it to stop, so I grabbed his cock. Suddenly he was hard again, and we had wild sex for three hours, until we had to drive home. The next night we met on the beach late at night and fucked eachother all night long. We have had sex everyday since.

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