Friend Sister

Just to let you know I wasn't the virgin she was. One day I was at school and I saw this girl and she looked very petty I mean amzing and at lunch I came up to her table and I sat next to her and my friends came too and I tried telling her my name and she said I don't care your name and her brother got in to it and he stood up and she in between us and she kept saying no and her brother pushed me and I hited and all my friends jumped in and I could hear her saying get off of him and the teachers came and broke it up her brother had a bloody lip and they puted us in a glass room all together and he brother layed his head on her lap and she cried and all my friends felt bad and I said I'm sorry about you and your brother and she just looked at me and we didn't get in trouble or nothing. Few days later I saw them at lunch and I walked over to him and I asked if I could speak to him and she said some thing and I said alone and she rolled her eyes and went back to her cell phone. I said I was sorry and and he said alright and I said alright and we shooked hands and I said you want to come to the gym with us and he said yeah and this one girl asked let me see your pack I showed it to her and all the girls went crazy. We went to the gym and I asked where do you come from and he said Domninican Republic and he showed me a picture of her at the beach in a bikini and my friend said your sister fine and he said that my sister and and I said she is fine there's no lie and we left and we said we're having a little party and I said I'll come by and get him and he said cool. I went home and got dressed and I called him asking where he live at and I said I'm picking you up. When I got there I called him to come out but he wouldn't pick up and the door was wide open and I walked in and everything was big and nice. I walked up stairs and I looked in a all the room and I saw her on her bed on the lap top and I walked in and she looked up and asked me why are you in here and I said I'm looking for brother and she said he just left with your friends and I sat on her bed and she said did I tell you could sit on my bed and she pointed to the chair and she called him from her cell phone and she had him on speaker and he said he's doing something right now and we heard a girl moaning in the back ground and he hunged up and she said you have to wait and her room was pretty big and nice had her own bathroom. I asked can I sit on the bed and she said yeah. She layed on her stomach and watched t.v. I then asked why don't you like me and she said what you did to my brother and I said I said I was sorry and she said you pushed me and I leaned forward and said I was sorry and I kissed her and I started kissing her hard and she started kissing me back and I got on top of her and I got up to closed the door and lock it. I started taking off her pants and her shirt. I took off my shirt and she felt my pack and she had matching underware and she was wearing Victoria secrete and I felt her and I said you're wet and you're a virgin too and I said I won't you and I pulled out my condom and I puted it on I told her to come here and I kissed her because it'll take her mind off the pain and I shoved myself inside her and she gasp for air and she looked and saw her blood and she started to cryand I said shh, it okay because you're a virgin and it your first time and I went on and oh my god she so tight and it felt so good she was moaning and breathing heavy and sweating. I grabed her by her hips and went all in and I said open your mouth and I leaned forward and spited in her mouth and I told her to swallow it and she did. I then taped her and told her to turn over and I got her in dog style and I told her to get low and I went hard and strong I had one hand one her breast and she was loud and speaking dominican and it turned me on and I banged harder. I then leaned foward and I kissed her back. I turned her over and I said come here and I started eating her and she was moaning and arching her back. I asked her did she shaved today and she said yeah I said you picked a good day. I picked her up and I told her to hold me and she wraped her arms around me and I asked her is she going to come with me and she shook her head yes and I said I want to hear you say it and when she said it I went hard to really make her and she said yes oh my god and I kissed her I layed her on her back and I punded non stop and she came and I was still inside her and she did a little scream and she showed her neck and I started sucking her neck and I came and I looked up at the ceiling. I kissed her and I climbed in the other side of the bed and she fell asleep on my chest and I kissed her. I woke up to my cell ohone ringing and I looked at her still sleeping I reached for it and I answered it and it was my frineds say where you at and I looked at her still sleeping I said I was looking for you and I said I was comming. She woke up and I got up and she asked where you going and I said I have to leave and she watched me dressed and I looked at her and said I would stay but I have to go and I said I'll see you tomorrow and I said I had a good time last night and I kissed her and I said got back to bed and I walked out locked te door and I walked out my car got in and I droved off I met with my friends and when I got there it was going to end early and I said to him lets crash at your place and he said okay and we went over to his house agin and we looked around and we wnent to his room and when everybody was sleep I went back to her room and I got in bed and she woke up and she said what you doing here and I said nothing got back to sleep. I wraped my arm around her. Then I went back to his room and I went to sleep agin and in the morning everybody was awake and she was downstairs cooking breakfeast and she had on this long dress and she kind of had her hair wet and I said it taste good and she said thank you and we went to watch t.v. I did felt bad about sleeping with her but I loved her and it was the first time I had sex with a virgin that I realy liked.

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