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We sincerely apologize for the brief hiatus with the Vicious Vixens weekly feature. With the various festivals, and the pre-Halloween hoopla things got a bit crazy for a while. But just in time for the Halloween season we’re back and with a simply gorgeous lady who is sure guaranteed to help make up for lost time.

Ms. Linda Le, AKA “Vamp Beauty” hails from Northern California and is one smokin’ hot fan of all things horrifying.

She tells us “I like all things sick, twisted, bloody and just plain out of this world. It shows in my work most of the time since I do special FX makeup. I am also emerging as an artist, and taking some time off to model my own twisted beauty with a few photographer friends who have the same ideas as I do. Hope you all enjoy my work, as much as I like doing it. Oh yeah and I love metal and RPG games. Just had to put that out there.” (I think I’m officially in love.)

Vamp Beauty has got some great taste in horror as well citing favorite flicks as Eyes Without a Face, Frankenhooker, The Night of the Hunter, The Evil Dead, Freaks, I Spit on Your Grave, and Eraserhead. (This gal is INTENSE!)

As of the time of this posting her website ( is still under construction, but you can visit Linda on Twitter at @VampBeauty for updates and more!

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