Cafe Lu Rule

Welcome to Kopitiam California

Reggie Lee's take on the wild goose chase for 'Hooters kopitiam'

The good news is the ‘kopitiam’ with sexy waitresses has been found and you can visit the place.

The bad news is, Cafe Lu is not located in any "Bandar Perdana" as was spread via SMSes and emails in Malaysia and Singapore.

It is actually n Santa Ana. Yup, in Southern California in the United States.

It’s a Vietnamese coffee house in an area known as "Little Saigon", covering Santa Ana, Westminster and Garden Grove.

E-mails enquiring the location of this kopitiam were still being sent by interested Malaysians and Singaporeans on Tuesday even after The Daily Chilli had traced the location of this much sought-after 'kopitiam".

Cafe Lu is owned by Natalie Nguyen, 36. But she is not the only one running such a business, which has been described as "coffee shop meets Hooters".

Natalie Nguyen (right) with two of her waitresses

There are between 50 and 60 such places in the area and according to a USA Today report earlier this year, such joints are booming in Little Saigon.

A waitress delivering yet another refill

"The places were serving strong Vietnamese brew by young women displaying bountiful skin and cleavage. Lots of cleavage," according to the newspaper’s report.

At another place called Café Di Vang II, manager Dan Nguyen was reported to have said that the shops offered "an enjoyable experience at a cheap price."

Waitresses taking a break while waiting for customers

Even laced with milk and sugar, the coffee is so strong no one can drink more than two, he said, and a US$5 or US$10 bill, plus tip, was a bargain for an hour or two of ogling.

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